The long-running Dodge Grand Caravan minivan features a stellar combination of versatility, practicality and spectacular overall value that’s sure to entice prospective Somerset, PA family vehicle buyers. The legendary 7-seat, minivan packs a ton of state of the art amenities and advanced safety features into its cavernous interior, which features 143.8 cubic-ft of overall cabin space behind its front seats, allowing for a variety of different seating and storage configurations.

The Grand Caravan employs an array of measures to boost its outstanding fuel efficiency such as standard-equipped Low Rolling Resistance Tires. These innovative, all-season, 17-inch tires were engineered specifically to minimize drag and maximize roll, which equals less fuel consumed and more money for family activities.

The cost-cutting, eco-friendly Fuel Economizer system also comes standard on the Dodge Grand Caravan. The advanced Fuel Economizer feature fine-tunes engine timing and regulates transmissions shift points to achieve optimal fuel efficiency rates and is the only vehicle in its class and price range equipped with this capability.

Come test drive the iconic Dodge Grand Caravan today at Tri Star Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Somerset. In terms of room-for-your-money and family-oriented amenities, there might not be a better value pick in all of the automotive industry. Buyers in the market for a 7-passenger SUV that offers plenty of tech, safety, and innovative storage solutions, should strongly consider switching to the practicality, affordability and overall family-friendliness offered by the Dodge Grand Caravan.

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