We take pride in keeping our Somerset, PA customers informed about their vehicles. Gaskets are important because the bind at least two parts to prevent gases and fluids from leaking, which is why it is necessary that your vehicle's gaskets are in good condition.

The most common type of gasket is a head gasket, but there are also intake manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, and bearing gaskets. They can be made with a number of materials that include rubber and copper, but multi-level steel is the most commonly used material for making gaskets.

If you notice gurgling, bubbling, or foaming coming from the radiator, then there may be a hole in one of the gaskets. A substance that looks like mayonnaise and surfaces around the oil may also indicate gasket failure. The best way to ensure that your gaskets stay free of damage is to check your coolant and oil temperatures. Be sure to keep them at recommended levels and use a manufacturer-recommended coolant and oil.

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