The Dodge Grand Caravan Features Leather and Aluminum in Practical Ways

The Blacktop package is a vehicle option that's available for the Dodge Grand Caravan. It includes stylish features that make the Grand Caravan very appealing. If you choose this package, you'll get an upscale automobile that's equipped with glossy leather hardware and heavy-duty aluminum components.

You'll find all of the leather elements in the cabin. It's included on the seats, doors, and steering wheel. The Dodge designers used professional-grade leather with stylish stitching to give the cabin flair. On the steering wheel, the silver stitching is found on its leather housing, and the same stitching is also strategically placed on each door panel. Near the driver's door, there is a leather-wrapped shift stick that enhances grip. Aluminum is featured on the wheels; each 17-inch wheel has various pockets. The pockets stand out while the Dodge Grand Caravan is parked since they have a black, glossy finish.

Many Dodge Grand Caravans with the Blacktop package are featured at Tri-Star Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM Somerset. These automobiles have great features that are suitable for travel situations in Somerset.

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