What are the Exterior Dimensions of a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

All trim levels of the Jeep Grand Cherokee have the same general exterior dimensions. As with most manufacturers, the dimensions are the result of the optimum design for the intended use of the vehicle. In the case of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, there are a few variables that are the result of either additional options or recommended wheel sizes.

No matter what your wheel size, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has a flashy appearance that will draw attention when you are driving around Somerset. With a length of 189.8 inches and a width of 76.5 inches, the Grand Cherokee commands attention when moving, and glances of admiration when at rest.

The height of your Jeep Grand Cherokee is adjustable through your selection of wheel size, changing from 68.1 inches to 69.3 inches. From the time you drive it of the Tri-Star Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM Somerset lot, people notice your approach.

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