When you visit Tri Star Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Somerset to look at the Dodge Charger, you will discover that it has quite a bit of added technology. These features will make the driving experience even more refined. Passengers will also enjoy the added touches that have been included in the latest model, so feel free to explore a bit.

You no longer have to worry about disengaging your cruise control when oncoming traffic seems to slow down. The adaptive cruise control will do that for you. The throttle will kick in the brakes will be applied automatically as needed. This is a great safety feature as well.

The push-button start is another great piece of technology that sets the Dodge Charger apart from other vehicles. You will be able to easily get into the vehicle as long as the fob is on your person. The engine will also start with the push of a button. Stop by Tri Star Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Somerset and enjoy a test drive today.

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