How do 21 combined city and highway miles per gallon (mpg) sound? If you're shopping for a mid-size SUV, 21 sounds like a great number. The popular Dodge Durango delivers the noted combined 21 mpg making it an efficient model.

Individually, the Dodge Durango provides 19 mpg in city driving and 26 miles on the highway. The reduced number becomes unavoidable in the city. Vehicles stop more and must idle. 19 still reflects a decent fuel economy for an SUV. Per 100 miles of driving, expect to use about 4.8 gallons of fuel. Note: these figures refer to the standard 3.6L 6cyl 8A engine. Another option exists.

A more powerful 5.7L 8cyl engine is available. The model delivers 17 combined city and highway miles per gallon. Individually, expect 14 in the city and 22 on highways.

Bring the Dodge Durango out on Somerset, PA roads yourself. At Tri Star Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Somerset, we encourage you to explore the test drive experience.

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